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If you would like any help or advice about swimming pool boilers give James a call on 07720928585 , he is always happy to help!

Conventional Swimming Pool Boilers In Essex

Conventional swimming pool boilers heat the water from the swimming pool directly.  In simple terms the swimming pool water passes directly through the boiler.  

This type of swimming pool boiler has some pros and cons.  Swimming pool water is treated with chemicals to keep it clean, so when that water goes through the boiler it will take an effect on the boiler over time i.e corrosion.  Its very common to see heat exchangers on this type of boiler corroded through.  Especially if the chemical dosing has not been carried out correctly.  Parts for these types of boiler are often very expensive.  The other downside side is cost of running, in general these types of swimming pool boiler have high outputs therefor burn a lot of gas.

A pro for this type of swimming pool boiler is that it heats the pool water a quite a rapid rate in comparison to the heat exchanger method (explained below).  So whether this type of pool boiler is for depends on how you are going to use your pool.  If you want to use your pool only very now and then, when the grand kids come over at the weekend say, I would say go for this type as it heats the water quickly (half a day to a day) and then you can turn it of when not in use.

Swimming Pool Boiler Installations In Essex

James has been installing swimming pool boilers fore many years now.  Swimming pool boiler installation is quite a specialist area of work as there are a lot of factors involved that don't usually come into play with normal heating systems.  You require a specialist qualification to carry out any work on a swimming pool boiler, which James has.

We install different types of pool boilers from different manufactures including:

  • Certikin swimming pool boilers.
  • Laars swimming pool boilers.
  • Pantair swimming pool boilers.
  • Jandy swimming pool boilers

James has installed swimming pool boilers for many private customers and for swimming pool installation companies across Essex.  Not only do we install the boilers but we can service and maintain all the swimming pool plant including filters and pumps.

Gary with a newly installed swimming pool boiler in Essex

Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers In Essex

At Boilers 4 Essex we are experienced at installing domestic boilers in conjunction with a heat exchanger to heat your swimming pool.  This way of heating your swimming pool offers many benefits which include:

  • Lower fuel bills (as the boilers used are A rated high efficiency).
  • Lower service and repair costs (Domestic boiler parts are much cheaper than pool boilers).
  • Less space taken up.  
  • Pool water not entering the boiler (reducing boiler breakdowns).

How does it work?

Basically you have the water from the pool going through the heat exchanger and the water from the boiler also going through the heat exchanger.  But the water from the two places never touches and the heat transfer is done indirectly within the heat exchanger.

A domestic boiler with a heat exchanger used for a swimming pool boiler
Swimming pool boilers essex
A swimming pool boiler and heat exchanger in brentwood

Swimming Pool Boilers 4 Essex

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