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During our inspections we use fully calibrated serviceable instruments because your gas safety comes first!

What do we test for on gas safety inspections?

  • Gas leaks.  All pipe work within the dwelling is tested for gas leaks.
  • Combustion analysis.  We check your boiler etc to make sure its burning right and not producing any nasties such as carbon monoxide.
  • Ventilation check.  For gas appliance to work safely they need oxygen to burn.  Therefor its very important we check your ventilation as a lack of it may result in the production of carbon monoxide.
  • Visual inspection.  We will conduct a full visual inspection checking for damage, stability, correct materials and installation methods were used.  

Gas safety Inspections

A gas safety inspection is very much the same as a landlord CP12 as far as the checks go, the only difference is its for people living in their own home and is not a annual legal requirement.  

That being said it is always a good idea to check your gas safety every 12 months because you never know if something has changed.  It only takes a pipe getting bashed or a flue to become blocked for you to have a dangerous installation.

We charge exactly the same way as with the landlord gas safety inspections CP12's.

Landlord Gas Safety Inspections CP12

We offer a complete hassle free gas safety inspection process for landlords.  Simply book with us we will then make all the arrangements with your tenant and carry out the inspection.  

Once the inspection is complete we will email you with a copy of the certificate.  We will also then remind you every year so that you are always covered.  As it is law that a landlord carry out this inspection every 12 months it good to know your in good hands.

We charge as follows:

  • Gas boiler and cooker £70
  • Additional appliances (not including fires) £25
  • Additional gas fire £60 (fire removed and chimney checked properly)

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