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Wet Electrical heating

This type of electrical heating system uses a wet radiator circuit in conjunction with a electric boiler.  You can bank electric boilers together to achieve quite high out puts.

It works in exactly the same way as a sealed gas heat only boiler system.  It can be used with a indirect unvented cylinder in a S plan also.

This type of electrical heating system is quite specialist and requires a good knowledge of both advanced plumbing and electrical work.

James has fitted this type of system many time before and can advise you on the best type of electrical heating for your needs.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators can be installed with no need for any plumbing.  Much in the same way as storage heaters the just wire in to a electrical spur.

With that in mind its very easy to change from storage heaters to electrical radiators.  Although electric radiators a quite expensive, they usually come with decent warranties.  

Some of the newer styles are very fashionable and sleek looking.  New electrical radiators usually have there own thermostat internally and with a lot of systems now incorporating a central control you can have a very user friendly efficient system.

Compare Different Types Of Electrical Heating

Electrical Heating 4 Essex

Boilers 4 Essex not only supply gas heating services but also a electrical heating service.  We can provide a variety of different types of electrical heating including a wet radiator electrical system.  As James is qualified and experienced in both the plumbing and the electrical sides of this form of heating you know your getting the job done by a engineer who is going to do everything start to finish.

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