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Electric Combi Boilers

Electric combi boilers are not often found as people tend to go for one of the above options as in many cases they are less expensive and more well known.  Electric combi boilers have one massive advantage in properties with no gas and limited space, they fit!

This type of electric boiler would only be recommended for smaller properties with low demand for hot water.

Types of electric boiler

There a few different types of electric boiler.  You have boilers for heating radiators and boilers for hot water (aka cylinders), there are also electric combi boilers available now.

Dependant on what your home and hot water demand is,  determines which type of electric boiler you require

James is happy to talk through any questions you may have 07720928585

Electric hot water cylinders

Electric hot water cylinders come in two types:

  1. Vented Cylinder: gravity fed from a tank usually in the loft.
  2. Unvented cylinder: fed directly from the mains.

Most people installing a new hot water system opt for a unvented cylinder, as the high pressures produced and the space saved from no water tank are obvious benefits.  The only draw back to the unvented cylinder is the fact you need good pressure coming in to the property and a large bore mains pipe.  If however you don't have this we can get round the problem by installing a cold water accumulator.

Vented cylinders are most commonly seen in older homes.  To get the same sort of pressures as a unvented cylinder they have to be fitted with a pump, which can be very noisy.  They are relatively simple to upgrade to unvented cylinder.  

All types will be referred to as "direct" this simply means they use electric immersion heaters to heat them.

Electric heat only boilers

Electric heat only boilers are very similar to a heat only or conventional gas boiler.  It can be used on its own to heat a circuit of radiators or it can be used in conjunction with a indirect cylinder as part of a S plan to heat the water also.  (as demonstrated in the picture with James)

This type of boiler is ideal for larger and smaller homes as you bank electric boilers together to give the desired output.  So if you would like wet central heating but have no gas this is the option for you.

Electric Boilers 4 Essex

A old picture of James with a direct unvented cylinder he installed.  This particular model is Megaflo which is a very popular brand as it has a internal expansion vessel.