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Do you live in a 1-3 bedroom house and currently have a hot water cylinder fed by cold water storage tanks in the loft?

If so why not convert your heating and hot water system to a combination boiler.  Its easier than you think, a combi boiler conversion usually takes between 1-2 days.  It will also give you the following benefits:

  • More space.  A combi boiler is quite small and can fit inside a kitchen cupboard.  Where as a conventional system has hot water tanks in the loft, a cylinder, a boiler, controls and external pumps.  Thats a lot to maintain and a lot of space taken up!
  • Less repair costs.  If you fit a combi boiler boiler with a 10 year warranty you know you are not paying for any boiler breakdowns for 10 years because everything is contained within the combi boiler.   If you do a like  for like boiler swap with a heat only boiler you still have many other components on the heating system not covered by the boiler warranty.  (such as the cylinder, tanks, controls)
  • Easy to control.  Everything is on the face of the boiler, no difficult programmers all over the house.
  • Save money on gas bills. Combi boilers only heat hot water as you use it.  No need to heat a big hot water cylinder with water there is a possibility of not using.
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Boiler Installations 4 Essex

If you need a new boiler and you live in Essex look no further.  Boilers 4 Essex have a wide and comprehensive range of boiler installation and replacement options.  Whether it be a high end boiler with a 10 year warranty or a cheaper option with our budget boiler range we have it covered.

Boilers 4 Essex fit the following types of boiler:

  • Combination Boilers
  • Heat Only Boilers
  • System boilers
  • LPG Boilers
  • Electrical boilers
  • Water heaters (single and multipoint)
  • Unvented Cylinders (direct and Indirect)
  • Open Vent Cylinders (direct and Indirect)
  • Swimming pool boilers

James and his team are both qualified and experienced boiler installers.  

Manufacturers warranties on boiler installations varies from model to model usually anywhere between 2-10 years.  However on all Boilers 4 Essex boiler installations you will receive a 1 year workmanship guarantee. 

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