Air Source Heat Pump Installations In Essex.

If you are looking to install a new air source heat pump Boilers 4 Essex are the team for you.  We can take care of all aspects of the heat pump installation including:

  • Plumbing.
  • F- Gas 
  • MCS certification
  • Electrics
  • Controls

We can also install full heating and hot water systems incorporating an air source eat pump underfloor heating, unvented hot water cylinders and radiators.  In many cases the government RHI scheme can be used to subsidise these air source heat pump installations or replacements.

We provide free no obligation quotes so please get in touch.

Air Source Heat Pump Annual Service In Essex.

Boilers 4 Essex also offer an annual air source heat pump service.  You may ask why do I need to service my air source heat pump every year?  Well the answer is simple:

  • Prevent small leaks becoming big problems.
  • Ensure safe operation.
  • Maintain manufactures warranty.
  • Maintain correct F-Gas levels.
  • Clean out filters.
  • Check the system pressure.
  • Check glycol level.
  • Issue air source heat pump service certificate.

air source heat pump installations in Essex

Air Source Heat Pumps In Essex.

Air source heat pumps are becoming a very popular way to heat your home.  With low running costs and the benefits to the environment it is a more sustainable and "future proof" way of heating your home.  There are also some great government schemes to help subsidise your installation cost and also pay you some money for surplus energy generated.

At Boilers 4 Essex we have noticed a increase in demand in our costumers through out Essex for this type of heat pump.  If you would like a new air heat pump or  need a current air source heat pump repaired Boilers 4 Essex can help.

What Is An Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a low-carbon, renewable heat source that is suitable for use with many different home heating applications including unvented hot water cylinders, under floor heating and radiators.  An air source heat pump system is a very efficient way to heat your home.  Not to mention a far better option for the environment than fossil fuels. 

To put t simply an air source heat pump takes heat from the ambient temperature out side in the air and turns it into heat for your home.  For every unit of energy it uses to extract heat from the air, it typically outputs three times more as heat, meaning air source heat pump efficiency is around 300%!

Air Source Heat Pump Repair In Essex.

At Boilers 4 Essex we have fully qualified air source heat pumps engineers, skilled at fault finding and bringing any air source heat pump repair to a swift conclusion.  We can also recharge any refrigerant as required. 

We offer fast attendance times in an emergency air source heat pump repair situation.  With a team of engineers across Essex we are never far away.

Air Source Heat Pump Parts In Essex.

Our ASHP part supply chain is a good as it can be in the uk.  Our network of merchants and manufacturers ensure that we can get the air source heat pump part we need as quickly as humanly possible.  Once we have the new part it will then be expertly fitted by our skilled heat pump engineers.

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